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Lucy's Pitstop


A brief history as photographer

Making a website and taking pictures are for me one and the same.

I took pictures like most people, on a day out, at family parties and every moment of your children. Over the years my wife has gathered dozen of photo books. She herself has also taken many pictures, all nicely sorted in books with comments attached.   

When the digital era started I bought a used personal computer.  Shortly after that I bought a  digital camera and then it really took off. I was hooked.

It felt that my pictures had to published. Pictures on paper started to be outdated, so Internet was the obvious choice, on condition that the site was personalized. Next step was to build a website. I started to learn HTML and CSS, later on CMS Drupal. At that time I also bought a single-lens reflex camera and joined photo-club Difo in Oud-Turnhout.

In summary, this was my start as photographer



My father had a camera shortly before the second world war, black and white-pictures obviously.  A square box with inside two coils where the roll of film was rolled along through a reel on the outside of the box. The device was covered with brown leather. On the front a single-lens and on the back a viewfinder. After each picture you had turn the wheel to go to the next frame by a system of numbers and codes. In my childhood I have taken pictures with this camera but unfortunately the camera has been lost. Here under a picture of my father, his camera and a number of pictures taken with that camera.